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Located in northwest Logan County, Ohio, the district encompasses 126 square miles.  Approximately  1,800 students are served in grades K–12.

The district proudly holds an “Excellent with Distinction” rating by the Ohio Department of Education.

Indian Lake schools inspire to create a climate and culture for students, teachers and parents to come together as a learning community.

Countdown to Christmas Break. Let's have a great last week of school for 2014!
Headlines and Features

Indian Lake Schools Named 2014 IL Watershed Outstanding Partner 

The Indian Lake Watershed Project recently selected Indian Lake Schools as their Outstanding Partner for 2014. Representative Gabe Wickline presented a plaque to the school board during their December meeting. He said the award is in recognition of all the hard work that went into the Nashville Hitmakers Concert held at the school in late July. The event is a dual fundraiser for the Watershed Project and the Indian Lake Music Department. Wickline also presented the board with a $4,000 donation for the music program stemming from the concert's proceeds. Finally, he told the board that the Watershed Project is creating a $1,000 scholarship for any IL senior pursuing a career in music. 

Making Good on a Christmas Promise

When Monica Boswell helped create the Huntsville Elementary Clothes Closet eight years ago, she vowed to contribute annually until she graduated. Recently, the High School Senior, made her last yearly donation of Christmas money as an Indian Lake Student and took stock of the growing closet.
“It’s really heartwarming knowing that it’s not just me and the teachers donating items, donating money. The community really supports this. It’s really great to see how much it’s grown. “
Boswell started the closet as a Student Council project after seeing an elementary school classmate’s shabby shoes.
“It really bothered me because people were making fun of her and I didn’t think it was right. “ Bowell said.
Christmas was a few weeks away, so the then third-grader talked her mom into buying a new pair of shoes for her classmate.  The gift inspired her to take the idea further.  Student Council advisors suggested not just having shoes and coats available for students, but an entire closet of shirts, socks, pants and underwear.
When Huntsville and Lakeview Elementary Schools combined, the Indian Lake Elementary Clothes Closet grew and now offers school supplies, in addition to any type of clothing a student might require in case of an accident at school or need at home.  Several community groups including clubs and churches now donate to the closet as well. 
Boswell says just because her time as an Indian Lake student is almost up, she won’ t quit making her annual donation. But as a college student she may not be able to make her contribution in person. 

Statement Regarding Former School Site Properties
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Golden Laker Cards
Laker Fans! Golden Laker Cards are available now! This is an all-sports pass that gets you into most home games for FREE. To be eligible, you must be 62 years of age or older. Residents who live in the district can get a Lifetime pass at no cost. Those who live outside the district can get a non-resident pass for $25 that must be renewed yearly. This card is not honored at CBC tournament games or invitationals that may be hosted at Indian Lake. Stop in the administrative office to get yours! 

Busing Update

With the passage of the renewal levy, busing for Indian Lake High School students is reinstated. Transportation Director Pat Smith got to work immediately after the election, hiring bus drivers and readying the fleet.  The goal was the have high school students back on the buses after Winter Break, but Smith is able to accomplish this just after Thanksgiving Break starting December 1st. Postcards were sent to parents concerning new bus assignments. If you have questions about your student’s bus route or assignment, contact Transportation Director Pat Smith at 686-8601. For high school students and parents, please note: the front lot of the High School is now for buses ONLY. Drop-offs and pick-ups should go to the Auditorium entrance. Student drivers should continue to use the back parking lot. 


Food Fight for the Hungry

Indian Lake collected a total of 8,246 canned goods/non-perishable items for the "Food Fight for the Hungry." Still waiting to hear totals from the other schools involved. It all goes to the United Christian Food Bank at the Municipal Building in Russells Point and the St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry. Way to go students and staff! 


.Indian Lake Schools want you to know how to spot and protect against Ebola. Please make sure to read and share information attached so we can avoid this infectious disease!


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